Farah Khan goes bold

May 28, 2012, 08:41 IST | Shaheen Parkar

A sneak peek of her acting debut reveals her wild antics

Farah Khan’s big screen acting outing in Bela Sehgal’s film has her in a daring role. Those who have had a sneak peek of the project produced by Bela’s brother Sanjay Leela Bhansali can’t help but notice the choreographer-director throw caution to the wind — something several actresses would have reservations about.

From the rushes, it is clear that Farah has gone bindaas on the screen. There are images of her doing stuff like adjusting her assets in front of the mirror to mouthing double meaning lines to doing some totally weird dance steps — considering she is a choreographer herself.

Laughs Farah, “You can say it is dare but it is not a dare-bare role! I essay the character of a 40-plus virgin woman who finds love and it is her emotions that makes her do crazy things!”

She adds, “In fact, I have tried to be as natural as possible in front of the camera — as if I am having a conversation with it. It is just the way the character would behave in the given situation.”

The choreographer-director-turned actress has been styled by Dilnaz Kharbary in the film. “She has picked up stuff from her aunts, it is exactly what typical Parsi women wear.” Farah has also done a rain song Khatti Meethi Strawberry in the film.

“My character finds love so she breaks into a jig. But I don’t get drenched in a sheer white sari. I am not a big actress…. remember? So I do so in my floral tops and jersey trousers. The rain song I think is Sanjay’s revenge fantasy! The steps are indeed awkward and weird. Someone who has probably never danced and just goes for it.”

She has, however, not done the choreography in the film. “With my fake nails and hair-dos to get into the character, doing choreography would have been difficult,” she says. “My former assistants Longinus and Feroz have choreographed the steps.

The dances are the kind aunties would do. I have not tried to model on any of my choreographed acts in earlier films. It is like a woman who is probably dancing for the first time.” 

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