Farah Khan the peacemaker

Aug 19, 2013, 06:42 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Farah Khan brokered peace between Vishal-Shekhar and Shah Rukh Khan after their tiff over the Lungi song

Now that the discordant notes between Vishal Dadlani and Honey Singh over the Lungi song in Chennai Express have petered down, all eyes are on Vishal-Shekhar’s next. The duo is also scoring the music of Farah Khan’s upcoming film starring Shah Rukh Khan that has him as co-producer.

Farah Khan

Considering that their last outing with SRK left them with a bitter aftertaste, B-Town has been buzzing about the changed scenario and them working with King Khan again. However any such speculations has been put to rest by Farah. The director, who shares a great rapport with Vishal-Shekhar, was instrumental in brokering peace between them and SRK after the Lungi song issue.

Vishal and Shekhar

Says a source, “Farah had decided long back that Vishal-Shekhar would score the music in her Shah Rukh starrer. The two did the music in her earlier directorial ventures Tees Maar Khan and Om Shanti On as well. Knowing that things could be uncomfortable, she decided to play peacemaker before her film goes on the floor.”

Adds the source, “She made sure that they attend Shah Rukh’s Eid bash even though Honey Singh was also on the guest list. As it was a festive happy occasion, the mood was set. They made up and things are like before now.”

When asked about brokering peace, Farah says, “It has all been sorted out; all’s well.” Vishal-Shekhar had even done a no-show on the sets of the music reality show they judge when Shah Rukh appeared as celebrity guest as reported ‘Proving a point’ (Hitlist, August 5). The music duo was upset because they were kept in the dark about the plan to include a song by Honey Singh in Chennai Express.

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