Fashion and art meet for a cause

Mar 26, 2015, 07:51 IST | Dhara Vora

Protest fashionably with outfits by Bobo Calcutta that mixes art, fashion and political commentary

Kissing scenes in Indian films raise eyebrows even today, and if you try to steal a kiss in public it might get more dangerous. Kolkata-based artist Ayushman Mitra has created a fashionable mode to protest against moral policing, section 377 and other grouses against society, courtesy his fashion label — Bobo Calcutta.

Outfits by Bobo Calcutta
Outfits by Bobo Calcutta

The main print pattern of his outfits that include skirts, crop tops, kaftans and even shirts for men, is a liplock. These prints have been developed from the paintings made by Mitra.

The 25-year-old, who has been selling his works on canvas since 2009 tells us, “My purpose is to make my art interactive, I want masses to come in direct contact with my work which deals with the ideas of gender equality and sexual liberation with regard to ones freedom to choose who to love and make love too (section 377 has to go).” He adds that his clothing line is his way of protest; “If people wear these kissing faces on their sleeves; automatically, there is a small difference that they will begin to make in the minds of the conservative.” All his prints have a split face motif, all being genderless faces.

By wearing his clothes, the designer wants one to join a silent protest. Mitra has created only eight garments in each print to maintain exclusivity. Mitra had also created installations at NH7 Weekender last year and is the creative director of the Kolkata-based band, The Ganesh Talkies.

When asked about his next cause for art and fashion, Mitra shares, “My next collection will celebrate transgenders from across the world. The colour and glamour of their world shall feature as prints on garments.”

At: March 27 and 28 at Bombay Buzzare, Cafe Nemo, Worli.
Also at: Creo, Kemps Corner.
Cost: Rs 2,100 to Rs 7,200

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