Fashion is for followers

Jun 13, 2012, 06:44 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Imran Khan believes that fashion is all about style and how you carry an outfit.

The actor talks to CS about being unique and finding a way to personalise everything in his wardrobe:

Who: Imran Khan
What: On his personal dressing style 
Where: At a five star hotel in Bandra 

Being unique
I have always been very choosy and particular about my clothes but never brand conscious. I am not someone who’s into designer clothes or who sticks on to one brand. I wear absolutely anything from anywhere that looks good. And I don’t care about what is in fashion or what is cool. I have always believed that fashion is for followers. To me, it’s about style. You wear something that shows your personality; that shows what makes you unique. People either like that or they don’t. But ultimately, that’s who you are.

Watch ‘me’
I have a vintage watch which some people like and some don’t. It’s something that my father would have worn. Many say, ‘What is this? You’re an actor, you’re supposed to wear trendy expensive watches and all that.’ But this is something unique that I have. Every idiot roaming on the street with extra money buys expensive watches. But hardly a few have this. This is me!

Personalising my denims
I have always personalised my jeans; cutting them, fraying them etc. I had a particular pair of jeans that I had turned into a phone book. I had written all my friends’ phone numbers on them. We didn’t have cell phones in those times and we would have to remember numbers and call from a landline. So, whomever I needed to call, I could just look up the jeans and call. And I would wear that around too. It was very handy (winks).

Never out of style
I like denim jackets a lot. My fashion statement would be classic but slightly eccentric. I like things that will never go out of style and will always look good. I would never want to look back at photos of mine and say, ‘Oh God what was I wearing!’ Blue jeans, white shirt, a nice tie and a jacket are things that people wore even 50 years back, and I think for the next 50 years also, they will be still in style. I have these sky blue and green smoking jackets, and I think they are also quite classic. 

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