Fashion Quiz: What's your style quotient?

Sep 01, 2015, 08:16 IST | Suprita Mitter and Krutika Behrawala

Are you a style diva or a fashion victim? the guide helps you find out where you stand, with this simple quiz

Q. How often do you go shopping?
A. When I start repeating clothes at least twice a week.
B. Once a month.
C. I'm usually spotted on two days in a week at a stall on Hill Road, and at Zara, on the first day of every sale.


Q. Peplum is…
A. Erm… a fruit, like papaya?
B. Some kind of tunic.
C. A short overskirt attached to a top that became very popular in 2012 and I have 10 of those in my wardrobe!

Q. What's your go-to website when it comes to shopping for fashion accessories?
A. I prefer going to my neighbourhood street shop for earrings, at the most.
B. I don't have a favourite. I prefer surfing through many to take a pick.
C. Etsy, duh! The whole world shops from here.

Q. You're in a rush to head to work. You step out and realise that it's pouring. What do you do?
A. You have a raincoat stashed in your bag. You pull it out, tie your hair up and march forward.
B. You head home, pick up an umbrella, change into rainy footwear and head to work.
C. You go home and change your outfit to match the rainy boots, pick up a matching umbrella and head out. Not before wearing waterproof mascara and kajal.


Q. From the upcoming winter sale at major high street brands, you will pick…
A. No way will I head to those sales. I live in Mumbai!
B. Maybe a stole or a sweatshirt, depending on what's in store and goes with my outfits.
C. A suede trench coat, faux leather boots and matching pair of mittens and whole new winter wardrobe.

Q. A friend has organised a 1970s themed birthday party. What will you turn up in?
A. What I wore for my birthday.
B. I might add a polka-dotted scarf or headband to my outfit.
C. OMG, a 70s-themed party?! I'm going to wear a wrap dress a la Diane Von Furstenberg.

Q. In your makeup bag, we will find...
A. Make-up bag, what's that?
B. A kajal and a lip colour.
C. All the latest products doing rounds in the market including CC cream, toner, concealer, instant glow crème… wait, I'll check and tell you more.


Q. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
A. Two, one for formal occasions and one for casual wear.
B. Three — formal, casual and a pair of flip-flops.
C. I have a shoe rack and don't really know how many pairs. I loved a pair that I saw in a mag yesterday and picked it up too.

Q. If a fashion genie were to grant you a wish, what would it be?
A. A new haircut, maybe.
B. A store that offers custom-made outfits at reasonable prices.
C. The front-row seats at Milan Fashion Week.


Q. When you spot someone wearing the same outfit, you...
A. That happens all the time and I couldn't care less.
B. That's never happened to me as I mix and match most of mine. In case it did, I would add a statement neckpiece that I carry with me at all times.
C. To save myself from the embarrassment, I would immediately leave the venue and never wear that outfit again.

What your scores say
Mostly As: Learn the F for Fashion
Unaware of basic trends, pairing styles and even functional attires, you might want to brush up on your fashion skills right away.

Mostly Bs: You're a fashion master
You're a cool, chic and fashion conscious woman who knows how to make her own style statement. What's more, you even use some imagination when putting things together, which goes in your favour.

Mostly Cs: You need to be put behind bars by the fashion police
It's one thing to be a trendsetter and it's completely another to follow trends blindly. We suggest you raise your head from under those fashion mags, blogs and celebrity-spottings, and find your own, unique sense of style.

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