Fashion special: Power your work wardrobe with summer must-haves

Mar 11, 2015, 08:30 IST | Dhara Vora

Florals in varied hues, flared silhouettes that suit all sizes and the ever-comfortable flats - Spring-Summer 2015 trends from around the world are wearable and comfortable. Here’s how to fashion the trendiest look for your work wardrobe this summer

(From left) 3D flowers from Chanel, flared trousers from Carolina Herrera, boxy military-style dresses from Marc Jacobs and pajama salwars by Krishna Mehta make for some of the wearable trends this summer. Pics/ AFP, Shadab Khan

For Indian wear
Pastel colours, especially chalky pastels are always soothing and when paired with white, beige or blue, work for formal wear. You can also wear pastel accessories. Indian fabrics such as mul mul, khadi or any cotton are great for summers as handwoven fabrics let your skin breathe. Saris can be worn with T-shirts or slightly loose and light blouses. Remove the churi from your churidars and opt for loose pencil trousers or cropped pajama salwars beneath your kurtas.
— Anavila Misra, fashion designer

For Western wear
The colour white is in, and it works well for formal ensembles. Calf length for dresses or skirts and wide legged pants in all lengths especially culottes (flared shorts) are trending. High-waisted wide-legged trousers give you the illusion of height. Wear cropped jackets instead of longer versions and different colours of grey instead of black. Try uniform-style jackets with a lot of pockets and buttons. Checks and stripes in different colours are great prints to sport. And lastly, anything to do with the ’70s, be it florals or loose trousers.
— Nishka Lulla, fashion designer

Anavila MisraA sari from Anavila Misra’s collection for the forthcoming fashion week

Denim dynamics
A shirt dress or a simple shirt with your trousers, denim is in and how. It was a hit in the Spring Summer 2015 shows and we saw a few more sightings like at Chloe for Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015/16. Pic/getty images

Deepika Padukone
Pic/Satyajit Desai

The ’70s show
Embrace flare instead of skinny jeans like Deepika Padukone.

Stick to calf-length for dresses like this bohemian Valentino printed dress, or trousers, be it flared or tapering. A high waist will add an illusion of length. Pic/Getty Images

Wide pants and sleeves
Be it full-length or culottes, let your trousers flare and your legs breathe this summer. Inspirations from the East include Kimono sleeves (great to hide those flabby arms) and obi belts. Pick the volume for your outfit based on whether you are top or bottom heavy. pic/getty images

Walk the talk
If clothes got comfortable, so did footwear. Say bye to heels with pool slides, loafers and flatforms. Seen here at Sportmax Autumn/Winter 2015. pic/getty images

For men
Stripes are your best friend, be it bold and paired with bright colours like at the Dior Homme show as part of the Paris Fashion Week. Simple blazers or suits with pinstripes work too. Borrow a few trends from your partner’s wardrobe by wearing pastel trousers, shoes or even a backpack for work. And if you are bold enough, florals for men are still going strong. The most lovable trend this season for both men and women is denim. Wear a simple denim shirt or flared jeans pegged to show off your sports-chic kicks. pic/getty images

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