Fast Forward 2014: Wellnesss

Published: 10 December, 2013 08:37 IST | Dhara Vora |

Everyone in the city now wants to get fit, workout, eat right, though people everywhere have the bandwagon mentality.

The Guide’s Wish List

1. Acceptance of mental issues
Employers, schools and professional organisations must be sensitised to and offer mental health services easily.

2. Social responsibility
Refrain from spitting, use of public transport are changes that helpreduce pollution and grime, and protect us from diseases too.

3. Government quality control
Cows injected with hormones, gutter-grown vegetables -- stringent quality policies are needed to curb such practices.

4. Eat right
Jobs aren’t 9-to-5; the number of eateries offering deliveries have increased, and so have waistlines. Healthy services, please!

5. Quicker emergency response
The city needs a better network of civic hospitals and easier access to their services in order to save critical life situations.

6. Open spaces
Be it a walk, jog, or a space tempting enough for kids to get out, secure open spaces are much-needed health oases for the city.

My Take Hema Thakur, Partner; Temperance
For two-three years, the demand for non-conventional and international fitness routines such as Zumba, TRX, pilates, combination yoga and fitness practices (such as piloxing; pilates and boxing, power yoga) have increased. People are now taking a holistic approach towards fitness through their workout routines.

The urban dweller now wants to get fit, work out, eat right; people are obsessed with the bandwagon mentality. The reason why a lot of these health practices have picked up is because ofthe glamour attached to it. Women want to do pilates becauseMadonna is doing it; 15 years back, it was aerobics, but if it becomes strenuous, no one will want to continue it.

What happens around us has a great effect on health and fitness choices. Also, we need to utilise Indian forms of martial artsand fitness, yoga has and will remain popular because the West has accepted it, but Indian martial forms such as Kalaripayattu are great for fitness.

The number of yoga centres in the cityhave gone up too, and instructors are offering a wide variety of yoga practices; this again, is because of both; the benefits and coolness attached to it.

People need to understand that one should choose a health programme that suits their body and not because it is glamourous. The city is progressing economically, but people need to breathe easy. We work till 10 at night and then step out for a jog; this taxes one’s body and doesn’t build it. Mumbai needs to be conscious of eating right and living right to avoid lifestyle diseases -- people as young as 32 are suffering from diabetes and heart attacks. Despite our progress, we are digressing from following the right routines, which needs to be corrected.  

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