Fast forward 2014 : What to expect from the year 2014

Published: 03 December, 2013 08:24 IST | Soma Das |

More greenery for Mumbai

The Guide’s wish list
1. More greenery for Mumbai

We’d love more green spaces that are open throughout the day, are safe and where citizens can be left alone, including couples!

Pic/ AFP

2. Art for our public places
Our dull and drab railway stations, bus stops and walls could do with a spray of vibrant, creative paint. Why not showcase local art?

3. Accessibility for all
The city needs more inclusive ramps and facilities for the differently abled. Escalators at stations should operate at night, as well.

4. Cleaner, useful civic amenities
Commuting across Mumbai is an art in bladder control, especially for its women. Cleaner toilet facilities at public places, please.

5. Better means of transport
Cattle-style commutes in trains and buses, and high taxi fares; we could do with better transport facilities, up to far-flung suburbs.

6. Bring back cosmopolitanism
New building complexes have promoted gated communities. Let’s return to intermingling of neighbourhoods that defined the real Mumbai.

My take Milind Deora, MP
The city has two important elections coming up in 2014 -- Parliamentary and Assembly elections. I hope that the right issues for the city are debated and discussed and there is better governance in the city. I have been vociferous on Twitter advocating the need for a dedicated Mayor for Mumbai. I hope Mumbaikars understand that to bring about an improvement, there needs to be a partnership between the citizens and the government.

Pic/Bipin Kokate

If there is litter on the streets, you cannot expect it to be cleaned automatically. It’s the same in case of issues like safety, security and cleanliness as well. That’s why a directly elected Mayor is important. The youth are very important as they have the numbers to bring about change, as long as they work in the right direction. It shouldn’t be a change for the sake of bringing about change.

The youth have a great opportunity; they should use it responsibly. The youth should be educated and informed as to how they can participate in the election process, so that they ultimately elect the right people to do the job. A change in governance and more accountability are definitely on my wish list. And this is possible if there is one democratically elected person in charge of the city. Every great city, throughout history and across the world, has always offered great challenges as well as great opportunities. Mumbai is no different. The challenges can be overcome if the citizens and the government working unitedly.  

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