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Jan 16, 2012, 08:03 IST | Vaishali Chandra

Sporting his Superman costume (complete with the cape) and an Anna cap, 44-year-old Atul Khatri stood out

Sporting his Superman costume (complete with the cape) and an Anna cap, 44-year-old Atul Khatri stood out.

That's because the fan of the 'Man of Steel' is impressed by the steely resolve of the activist in fighting corruption. So, Khatri, who has been participating in the marathon for the last four years, this time, chose to promote Hazare's cause.

This looks like a job for Superman! Atul Khatri, dressed in a Superman
costume with a Anna hat, seeks inspiration to run the marathon from
former English professional footballer Lloyd Scott

The Juhu businessman says he is inspired by former English professional footballer Lloyd Scott, best known in the UK for his charity marathons. 

Every time in the last four years, though his cause for running the marathon has been different, the Superman costume has stuck.

"Superman is every child's favourite superhero, and so this grabs their attention. It even adds colour and a fun element to the marathon. Of course, Superman is one of the most powerful persons in the universe," Khatri said.

Caped crusader
"Corruption has always prevailed. We all have been a part of it in some way or the other. From Bofors to 2G, the 'scam brigade' has been spreading like termites. Anna is a 74-year-young Indian, who is fighting against corruption. He is the person who brought all Indians together on one platform. It requires courage and power and moreover self-confidence to fight against the government. 'Super Anna' is what he should be called," added Khatri.

Khatri also decided to raise attention towards the basic problem of water shortage.

"Year 2010 was the year of water shortage. The poor monsoon was the reason for it. It was the year, where it was necessary for the people to know how important it is to save water and use it carefully," he said.

No doubt there were other groups supporting Anna Hazare and his cause -- running the marathon with his posters, banners and slogans.

But as far as grabbing eyeballs is concerned, Khatri seems to have won the race.

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