Fastest-growing newspaper, again!

Jun 21, 2012, 06:12 IST | Sachin Kalbag

For the third quarter in a row, MiD DAY has emerged as the fastest growing English daily in Mumbai, according to figures released by the Indian Readership Survey this week. Its sister publication, Gujarati MiD DAY is now Mumbai's second-largest Gujarati newspaper. Inquilab, meanwhile, continues to be the No 1 newspaper in the Urdu market.

While most publications stagnated, or even had negative growth, MiD DAY grew at more than three per cent over the previous quarter, and more than 17 per cent over the one prior to that. Gujarati MiD DAY’s readership got a boost of over 10,000 readers, thus making it the clear No 2 in its field.

While we do revel in these victories, the team at MiD DAY is now even more committed to delivering great content to its readers. We shall continue our investigative stories to expose the corrupt. We shall continue to take up causes that are close to a Mumbaikar’s heart, and we shall make the newspaper more and more relevant to the city’s readers.

We thank our readers for their faith in our ability to deliver that relevant content. We hope that this faith is unwavering, just as our commitment to our readers is.

Sachin Kalbag
Executive Editor

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