Fat-shamed Madhya Pradesh cop raring to 'chase criminals'

Apr 13, 2017, 11:15 IST | Rupsa Chakraborty

In his first interaction with the media after undergoing the weightloss surgery in Mumbai, fat-shamed MP cop Daulatram Jogawat tells mid-day what it's like to be 15 kgs lighter, his diet and more...

A recent photo of Daulatram Jogawat

He had the spotlight shone on him after writer-columnist Shobhaa De fat-shamed the Madhya Pradesh cop on social media, during the Mumbai civic elections in February. But, a bariatric surgery later, Police Inspector Daulatram Jogawat is not only 15 kg lighter, but is raring to "chase criminals".

The 58-year-old underwent Gastric Bypass surgery on March 2 at Saifee Hospital. Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, who is also a treating Eman Ahmed (once the heaviest woman in the world), was overseeing Jogawat's treatment.

'Outlook has changed'
Speaking to mid-day from his hometown, Ratlam, Jogawat said, "I have lost over 15 kg and am hoping to lose a few more kilos in the next 2 to 3 days. I weighed around 165 kgs on March 31. The surgery has changed my outlook towards my personal as well as professional life. My wife is the happiest person now."

Inspector Daulatram Jogawat with Dr Muffazal Lakdawala
Inspector Daulatram Jogawat with Dr Muffazal Lakdawala

Jogawat, who joined the police force in 1979 as a police constable, resumed work from Monday and says he's raring to chase criminals. "I feel so much lighter than before and am looking forward to chasing criminals. My colleagues have been teasing me that I will soon become a nightmare for goons in the area because I will give them a good chase. They keep telling me I can run faster now and I am fitter than ever before. Even before the weight loss, I worked with full dedication and I will continue to do so. I am really charged up and am willing to give my best to my job."

His case hit the limelight after De mocked him on February 21 when she tweeted his picture with the tagline, 'heavy police bandobast in Mumbai today'. Following this, when the tweet went viral, the policeman was flooded with invitations from hospitals across the country for treatment and he chose to come to Mumbai. Madhya Pradesh state has been paying for his treatment from the state police fund.

The police inspector before the weightloss treatment. File pics

Star status
Jogawat says De's tweet was life changing. "It did change my life, and for the better. Almost overnight, I turned into a celebrity and people from neighbouring villages keep visiting me. Before the controversy, I didn't even know about bariatric surgery. Then, some people warned me against the surgery saying doctors would cut open my stomach to reduce the fat content in my body. But, I feel lighter than ever now, mentally as well as physically."

The MP cop confided that he is living on a diet of buttermilk, milk and roti for now. "I will visit Mumbai for another checkup after six months. Doctors will advise me about diet changes accordingly."

The 'heavy' surgery

Jogawat under­went Gast­ric Bypass surgery on March 2 at Saifee Hospital, under the guidance of Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, who is also a treating Eman Ahmed (the heaviest woman in the world).

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