Father's Day Special: Bollywood's on-screen dads

Jun 15, 2014, 09:37 IST | Shubha Shetty-Saha

This Father's Day, hitlist pays an ode to the actors who epitomised the role of patriarchs on the silver screen

On Father’s Day we pay a special ode to some actors who seemed to be born to play papas in films...

(Clockwise from top) Nazir Hussain, Om Prakash, Anupam Kher, Alok Nath, Parikshit Sahni and David

Alok Nath
This sanskari baap has nominated himself as the sole bearer of everything that is Indian culture. Ask him to define culture, he might just burst out crying as he does when his daughter’s doli takes off from his aangan. The daughter is well trained by him to touch the feet of anyone with even a strand of grey hair in her vicinity, and to provide endless cups of tea and namkeen to the jovial, singing and idle people gathered in their house.

Anupam Kher
This father mostly doubles up as a comic relief and is usually proud to have a tantrum throwing offspring. In the name of humour, he indulges in some rather shameless antics and that perhaps also explains why the son/daughter would rather be running away from him than towards him.

He played uncle, dad and other such elderly characters. He specialised in doling out sensible, progressive advice.

Nazir Hussain
This highly emotional father looked like enjoyed bursting into tears at the end of almost every scene involving him. This papa’s overactive tear glands could have led to embarrassment in normal circumstances.

Om Prakash
This chubby, nagging, but extremely affectionate father suffused subtle humour in his scenes. He suits the role of a patriarch best and one would love to be adopted by such a lovable father figure.

Parikshit Sahni
This shareef father is generally so naïve like he’s almost asking to be shoved and pushed around by the bad elements of the society. That is when he is not busy reeling under shock and protesting at the injustice meted out to
someone else.

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