Father wanted us to have a normal childhood: Paris Jackson

Apr 16, 2013, 02:50 IST | PTI

King of Pop Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson says she will forsake show business to help people and would like to turn her former home, Neverland Ranch, into a haven for sick children.

The 15-year-old said her father wanted his children to have a normal childhood and made them wear masks so that nobody recognises them, reported New York Daily news. "He didn't want anyone to see what we looked like.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson

That way we could have what he didn't, which was a normal childhood," she said. Paris said she is hoping to turn Neverland Ranch into a haven for sick children when she's older.

She and her brothers, Prince and Blanket, now 16 and 11, spent part of their youth at the California estate before their father died in 2009. Neverland has been abandoned since 2005, the year he beat the rap after his trial on charges of sexual abuse of children there.

The sprawling ranch is now owned by a private equity firm. Paris said she made an emotional pilgrimage to Neverland two years ago and was saddened to see its Ferris wheel had been removed. "I cried and cried. It's beautiful there. It still has good energy."

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