Fatherhood has totally changed me: Sanjay Gupta

May 04, 2013, 06:24 IST | Shakti Shetty

Sanjay Gupta on how his children have mellowed him and why his controversial days are over

The last time he wore the director’s hat for a feature film was during Zinda, eight years ago. So Sanjay Gupta is obviously thrilled about his latest crime-drama. And the director-producer admits that his perception on life has changed over the years especially after turning into a ‘responsible’ father.

Sanjay Gupta

The filmmaker who quips that he’d have been a gangster if not a film personality says fatherhood has made him a better person. “It has totally changed me. I feel like my controversial days are over. In fact, sometimes I feel like making a film for my kids the way Martin Scorsese surprised us with Hugo.”

Elaborating on the controversy bit, Sanjay comes clean on the rumoured clash between him and producer Ekta Kapoor, “She comes with her reputation and I come with mine! Our tasks were pretty much cut out. Anything to do with the creative aspects was mine and anything to do with marketing was hers.”

The filmmaker who was lately more into producing than directing says he has now decided to stick to his first love. “I’ve made an oath that even if I make five films in one year or one film in five years, each one of them would be directed by me. Maybe it took me sometime to understand this fact. I shouldn’t have attempted to be god and godfather to others and given more time to direction. I’ve realised my mistake now,” laughs Sanjay. 

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