Father's Day: Musicians and their children speak of the special bond that ties their melodies

Jun 15, 2017, 12:19 IST | Soumya Vajpayee Tiwari

Having a guru in a parent is both a blessing and challenge for children of musicians. While they are bound to be on their toes, it is a privilege not many enjoy

Having a guru in a parent is both a blessing and challenge for children of musicians. While they are bound to be on their toes, it is a privilege not many enjoy. Similarly, it is a matter of pride for parents to see their proteges grow into accomplished names in the fraternity. Ahead of Father's Day, we caught up with a few musician fathers and their children, who are taking forward the family legacy, on the special bond they share.

Pandit Kartick Kumar (sitarist)
I have tried to inculcate qualities of honesty, sincerity and devotion in my son. They are quintessential for a true musician. These values should be held on to for life.

Niladri Kumar (sitarist)
My father is the reason I became a musician. He is my guru. He has been my guru in both, life and music. I hope I am capable enough to carry his legacy forward.

Ustad Rashid Khan (vocalist)
The one value I've taught my daughter is important for every musician, to be perfect in sur. A well-trained and surili awaaz (melodious voice) is the greatest asset for any musician. The mantra to achieve it is riyaaz (practice) and more riyaaz.

Suha Khan (vocalist)
While my father's family is full of musicians, my mother comes from a family of academicians. Both have inspired me in their own way. I plan to take my family's legacy forward by spreading good music and nurturing good performers nationally through our academies in Kol-kata and Tripura.

Louiz Banks (keyboardist)
I have asked Gino to follow his passion and stay focused. I've helped him understand the importance of practising daily and to never compromise [with music]. He knows how to be critical of his playing skills, and his learning never stops.

Gino Banks (drummer)
My father inspires me to be the best that I can be. He pushes me to work hard to get better in music, and every other aspect of life. He tells me that my aim should be to achieve greatness in whatever I do, and be humble and down to earth in my journey.

Bhavani Shankar (pakhawaj player)
Music is not an art or profession. For us, it's our world. Every day of my life, I've tried to make my children a part of this world. The one thing that I have successfully passed down to my kids is discipline in practising and worshipping music.

Uma Shankar (vocalist)
I am the seventh generation in my family to have continued the tradition. And it is a huge inspiration for me to take my family's legacy forward. As a child, I was so curious to learn music that I would sit beside my father and hear him do riyaaz until he decided to train me when I turned seven. I performed for the first time when I was 12.

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