FDA gets tough with dealers of food items over pending records

Sep 27, 2013, 03:03 IST | A Correspondent

Establishments dealing in edible items are under the Food andDrug Administration's scanner for failing to submit records about their transactions. The agency has issued notices to those who are D1 & D2 forms

These forms contain vital information regarding purchase, storage and sale of food items. If irregularities present regarding use of food items beyond expiry date it can be easily pointed through this record keeping. Around 40% of license holders in Pune District comprising of mediums and big food manufacturers of dairy products, pickles and other food items have failed to submit D1 & D2 forms.

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There are around 2,200 license holders are in the Pune Districts out of which around 60 percent have submitted D1 and D2 but still around 40 percent have not submitted yet. “Considering this huge number of license holders we have started sending notices to them. In the notice we are informing that they should file D1 or D2 which ever implacable to them.

According to the norms there is provision of rupees 100 per day after last date. License holder have to submit respective forms before the May 31 and for D2 this term is twice a year,” Shivaji Desai, assistant commissioner of FDA (Food), Pune.

Informing about it more, Desai said “This help us to keep a watch on the food manufacturers, how much raw material they buy how much they sell. So the discrepancy can be pointed out. As this is a food related mater there is need of checking for good health of citizen.” 

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