FDA plans to control sale of gutka, paan masala in Mumbai

Aug 21, 2013, 20:43 IST | Nigel Buthello

In a bid to control and stop the sale and circulation of banned products such as gutka and paan masala and to improve people's health, the Commissioner of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has come up with various plans and methods to prevent these banned products from being sold in the local markets.

Discussing his methods and making citizens aware of his plans, FDA Commissioner Mahesh Zagade said their officers are keeping an eye on shops selling such products in different localities and would stop the sale in those areas.

“Another way for such products to enter the state is via the railways. Hence, I have sent a personal letter to all major railway offices in all the states and union territories asking them to not load such goods on Maharashtra-bound trains as the products are banned here,” stated Zagade explaining another method he could use to cut the supply of these products to the state.

Zagade is on a mission to prevent people from being introduced to such carcinogenic i.e. cancer causing agents and is therefore trying to stop these banned products from entering the state.

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