FDA raids misleading health supplements unit

Jul 02, 2012, 06:41 IST | Urvashi Seth

In a crackdown against companies that provide incorrect information on their labels to lure customers, officials raided a Malad unit and seized products worth Rs 1.5 lakh

Tightening the noose around manufacturers who mislead customers with incorrect labels, officials from the Food and Drug Administration raided a manufacturing unit producing health supplements at Malad. Acting on a complaint, a team of officers on Friday evening raided a unit called Evolution Sport Nutrition Pvt Ltd at Malad (West) and seized eight different types of heath products. “Our officers visited the unit and seized eight different types of health products costing Rs 1,51,435. Out of these eight items, we found that most of them had label contraventions. Hence, we seized the materials,” said K N Dhabade, assistant commissioner, food.

Not so healthy: FDA officials said that out of the eight products seized, four were found with wrong labeling that mislead customers with wrong information. They have now sent all items for testing at the laboratory. Representation pic

According to Dhabade, out of the eight kinds of health items held, four were found to be misleading consumers as the label called the item food as well as drugs. Other items that were detained were anabolic muscle builder, branch chain amino acid, creatine monohydrate, sucralose and xanthan gum. “We have sent these products to the laboratory for testing and will check if the product has the same quantity of ingredients as mentioned on the label. We will also check to see the genuineness of the produce and ensure it is not harmful for consumption.”

When asked about the crackdown, an FDA official, said, “Recently, the Vidhan Sabha discussed the issue of malpractices involving various leading products and how they are fooling consumers. Hence, the department decided to get these health products tested. Some of them proclaim they have no fats and are ideal for people looking to lose weight or build muscle. But, we discovered that the fat content in some of these products is very high. The manufacturers make myriad promises just to lure consumers and people end up paying dearly.” 

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