FDO: No subsidy on LPG for NGOs, govt institutes

Oct 10, 2012, 06:43 IST | Niranjan Medhekar

Food Distribution Office says no one entitled to exemption

It has been made clear that no government institute or NGO having a social cause, including schools and hostels, will continue to get LPG cylinders at subsidised rates. According to Food Distribution Office (FDO) officials, they will have to pay commercial rates on gas cylinders set up by the central government.

FDO in the city has been receiving many complaints from social institutes to continue supplying subsidised LPG cylinders to them since last week. But, both FDO and LPG gas company’s top officials have emphasised that, according to the government’s new rules, no social institute will get a subsidy on gas cylinders anymore. The new LPG price set by state government for a domestic gas cylinder is fixed at Rs 433 and for a commercial cylinder at Rs 908 in the city.

One rule for all: Like the common man, even charitable and government organisations will have to pay the commercial rates for LPG cylinders. File pic

Some of the applicants that requested a subsidy include Jilha Sainik Welfare office and Yerawada Central Jail. The Jilha Sainik Welfare office has two hostels in the city accommodating 274 children of martyrs. The Jilha Sainik Welfare officer Col. (retd) Nayakwade, last week, had sent an application to FDO requesting them to make available subsidised cylinders for them. The hostel has requirement of 38 cylinders per month. Similarly, Yerawada Jail has 3,500 inmates and requires 60 LPG cylinders daily. Jail superintendent Yogesh Desai has also sent an application to the FDO.

“The state government has not issued any directive about continuing gas subsidies to social institutes. That’s why we can’t convey anything to gas companies and agencies in the city. From now onwards, even social institutes have to pay the commercial rate for LPG cylinders,” said food distribution officer Dyaneshwar Javanjal.

A top official from Hindustan Petroleum (HP) maintained a similar version. “We have framed new LPG rates and quota for domestic, as well as commercial purpose based on the directions of the central government. As we have not received any formal communication from the government, social institutes have to pay the commercial rate,” said an HP official, on the condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, the FDO office is seeing a barrage of consumer complaints against gas agencies in the city, stating that they are not receiving home delivery of LPG cylinders.

“In last eight days, two diaries have been filled up with consumer complaints. Most of the complainants are blaming gas agencies for not providing home delivery. We are forwarding these complaints to the FDO officer, as well the collector’s office to take action,” said a female staff of FDO.

When asked what actions have taken over the grievances, FDO officer Javanjal wasn’t able to provide any substantial information. He has called a meeting of gas agencies today, but didn’t elaborate on the agenda of the meeting.  

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