Features of Cheryl, Jolie and Kate rolled into one for the perfect face

Jul 24, 2012, 11:21 IST | ANI

It takes more than one woman to create the perfect face, it has been revealed

The perfect face is made up of the celebrity features most desired by thousands of women.

She has the dark hair and eyes of Cheryl Cole, the smooth forehead of Kylie Minogue and the striking cheekbones of Kate Moss.

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The perfect face! Angelina Jolie, Cheryl Cole and Katie Price. Pics/ Santa Banta

The pouting lips are taken from Angelina Jolie and the sun-kissed tan from Katie Price to complete the ‘perfect face’.

According to the survey of 15,00 beauty professionals, one in five women ask for Cheryl Cole’s hair and 12 percent request Katie Price’s tan.

Angelina Jolie’s bee-stung lips inspire 23 percent of women seeking lip implants or injections, the Salon Services poll found.

Dr Kieren Bong, a cosmetic doctor based in Glasgow, said his clients were frequently requesting Kate Moss’s cheekbones, Kylie Minogue’s forehead and Jolie’s lips.

Psychologist Carmen Lefevre, of the University of St Andrews, said the celebrities’ full features signal fertility in the mind.

“Large eyes and full lips may make a woman appear particularly young, which again ultimately cues fertility, since younger women can conceive more easily,” a major newspaper quoted her as saying.

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