Fed up of illness, Mumbai police recruit commits suicide

May 15, 2015, 07:22 IST | Sagar Rajput

He had been sent to Solapur for training; he left a note saying that though he was being treated for shingles, he was ending his life as it wasn’t getting cured

A 25-year-old police recruit committed suicide on Monday by hanging himself at a police training centre in Solapur. The constable had been recruited last year from the Mumbai police commissionerate, and had been sent for a training programme to the Solapur facility.

Ganesh Thorve
Ganesh Thorve (25) had been recruited from the police commissionerate in Mumbai

The incident took place at around 7 am on Monday, after the deceased, identified as Ganesh Jagannath Thorve, returned to his hostel after night duty.

The police investigating the case said the deceased has left a suicide note, in which he mentioned that he was committing suicide due to his ongoing illness. He was suffering from shingles, an infection that causes a very painful rash.

Assistant Police Inspector Jannardhan Salunke, from the Faujdar Chawadi police station in Solapur, said, “The incident took place between 7 am and 8 am, as he had returned to his hostel room at 7 am. It (suicide) came to light after his roommate returned for breakfast from their training at 8 am.”

Salunke further said, “Thorve, in his suicide note, wrote that he had shingles, and even after regular treatment, it wasn’t getting cured. Due to this, he decided to commit suicide.”

He added, “Thorve was suffering from the infection for the past two months. He had visited his native place last month and discussed it with his cousins. He had also seen a local doctor there, but it wasn’t getting cured, due to which he got frustrated and committed suicide.”

Thorve, who hails from Satara, had been posted to the Solapur training centre since November, and was expected to finish the programme in the next two months. Mumbai police’s recruitment was in the news last year after four aspiring cops died during the 5-kilometre run.

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