Female Mumbai policewoman complains of harassment by senior, writes to ACP, DCP

Jan 08, 2016, 09:00 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Sub-inspector from Wadala police station accuses senior inspector for outraging her modesty, causing mental harassment. She has complained again after no action was taken despite her previous complaints

A sub-inspector from Wadala police station has complained against a senior police inspector for outraging her modesty and causing mental harassment. She has complained in writing against him last week to the ACP of the Wadala division and DCP of the port zone again, after no action was initiated in the matter, despite her previous complaints.

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Female Mumbai cop complains of harassment by senior, writes to ACP, DCP

The sub-inspector has complained against Senior Police Inspector Parshuram Karyakarte of Wadala police station. ACP Yashwantrao Vhatkar, without investigating the matter, yesterday spoke about senior inspector Karyakarte. He said, “The senior inspector (Karyakarte) is a very clean officer, you can check his track record. I won't comment about the woman officer. The allegation against him might not be true.” DCP Kiran Chavan however said, “It is not a sexual harassment matter, it is a work harassment matter. We will investigate and verify facts.”

According to the complaint letter, the sub-inspector has claimed that she is subjected to mental harassment from Senior Inspector Karyakarte everyday. In the letter she has said, “The senior inspector calls me in the night and enquires about the duty. I am called to his cabin any time for no reason. He always enquires about my work and posting in the jurisdiction.”

In the letter it is also said that officers’ names and mobile numbers are put up in the Wadala police station's jurisdiction. One such banner was placed near a school. The school principal called the sub-inspector about some work. When he came to know this, Karyakarte allegedly called the woman to his cabin and humiliated her. He allegedly said to her, that if she kept relations with the principal, why not with him (Karyakarte)? After this there was a quarrel between Karyakarte and the sub inspector, after which she fell unconscious.

The woman is currently on medical leave. When mid-day contacted her, she was crying and afraid to speak. She said, “I am in depression and my family is also affected. I won't comment on anything.”

Karyakarte said, “I never harassed anyone. If I ask someone to do work which is related to the police station, it does not amount to harassment. The allegations are false.”

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