Female online entrepreneurs to talk about their success with the web medium

Mar 02, 2016, 08:29 IST | Suprita Mitter

Ahead of Women's Day this weekend, a panel discussion will celebrate women achievers across fields ready to share stories of their success with the digital medium

A software professional with a knack for cooking, a budding singer, a film critic and a stand–up comic will tell you how going digital can change your career.

This new breed of entrepreneurs, who tasted success with their web channels and created an identity, hope to inspire many more to take the plunge.

Vloggers (video bloggers) like Miss Malini (entertainment/lifestyle), Anupama Chopra (cinema), Aditi Mittal (comedy), Nirali Karthik (music), and Archana Doshi (food), will be a part of the YouTube Women's Panel discussion scheduled ahead of Women's Day, next week. Here's what three speakers had to share:

Archana DoshiInternet penetration has risen in India: Archana Doshi
"I was a software engineer. When I quit my job to follow my passion for food, everyone told me to write a cookbook. I thought of starting a web portal instead and put my software skills to use," says food vlogger Archana Doshi, who is based in Bangalore and runs a food website and online channel where she shares recipes. "Things were different when I started out in 2008. Most of those who logged in to check my recipes were from outside India. In 2011, YouTube ran a video campaign promoting the use of Internet in India. Since Archana's Kitchen featured in that video, it changed things for us. Internet penetration in India has changed drastically. Today, of the 3.5 million followers that the portal has, 75% of the traffic comes from India," shares Doshi.

Aditi MittalThe web is heavily monetised: Aditi Mittal
Popular stand-up comic Aditi Mittal credits the online medium for her thriving career. "One of the reasons why I started getting exposed to global comedy was the web. Overseas, every comic wants to get on television. The TV scene in India is different. With soap operas ruling the screen, I wondered how I would ever fit in," says Mittal adding that many of those who come to watch her live gigs interact with her in the digital space. "Today, the medium is heavily monetised. Production houses and people from the film and television industry are getting involved. It's not as edgy and quirky and may not have the same kind of immunity as before, but it still  allows you to create the kind of content you wouldn't be able to make for any other medium." (Read interview: Getting candid with the phunny girl, Aditi Mittal)

It's exciting and scary: Anupama Chopra
Film journalist Anupama Chopra, who aced both print and television media, started the online channel  Film Companion in July 2014. "When I started, I thought I would do whatever I did on television, but digital is a different beast. You get  audience response instantly, which is exciting and scary. The biggest challenge is to get yourself heard. On TV, you hope someone has seen your labour of love. On YouTube at times, there are just 200 views and no way to hide it," laughs Chopra, calling her journey so far an 'amazing learning curve which involved a lot of unlearning.'

On: March 5, 3 pm
At: YouTube Space Mumbai, Whistling Woods International, Film City Goregaon (East).
Log on to: www.youtube.com/yt/space/mumbai.html

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