'Feral' girl found living with cows 'can only communicate by mooing!

Jul 30, 2012, 11:29 IST | ANI

A 5-year-old girl, who was found living with cows in the Russian countryside, is unable to speak and only communicates through mooing noises

The Russian police rescued the “feral” girl after a neighbor in the Solikamsk district in the Ural Mountains raised alarm.

Hatke news, 'Feral' girl found living with cows 'can only communicate by mooing!

The unnamed child does not know how to eat properly, and prefers to drink milk from a saucepan, police officials have said.

A worried neighbour living close to the small farm run by the girl’s parents called the authorities told them “a little girl is living with cows.”

“During the check we found that was indeed true,” a major newspaper quoted police officials as saying.

When she was found she was reportedly wearing next to nothing and was living with the livestock on the farm.

The child had also been locked in a storage room from time to time by her parents.

The girl was first sent to a rehabilitation centre and has now been placed with a foster family.

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