Ferguson eyeing Man United director post following retirement

Mar 01, 2013, 15:14 IST | ANI

The Reds' manager is apparently looking at a directorial post when he officially retires as manager.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said that he wants to become a director at the club after he retires from the management side.

The Red Devils boss, who had initially said that he will stay away from United after his retirement, said that the United cannot get rid of him as he aimed for a higher post at the club, possibly a director, the Sun reports.

Alex Ferguson. Pic/ AFP

Close-mouthed on the subject of his retirement, Ferguson said that no one, not even himself, knows the exact day of his retirement, adding that he will quit the post when he wanted to, not on the orders of doctors.

Although Ferguson said that United will look for his guidance on the subject of his successor, the final decision will be made by the club. 

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