FIFA president Sepp Blatter's lover Linda Barras is his lucky charm!

May 31, 2015, 07:33 IST | A Correspondent

Sepp Blatter’s current lover proved to be fortunate for him as he won his fifth term as FIFA president amidst a corruption scandal

To say Sepp Blatter was on the mat at the 65th FIFA Congress in the midst of the 100 million pound (approximately R 974 crore) corruption scandal would be an understatement.

But the 79-year-old looked relaxed when he arrived at the Hallenstadion in Zurich, Switzerland with his girlfriend Linda Barras in tow. Barras, 28 years his junior, proved to be his lucky charm as he won a fifth term as FIFA president.
Blatter has been married three times and has one daughter, Corinne.

Sepp Blatter (right) and Linda Barras. PIC/Getty Images

Over the last year, Blatter and Linda have been repeatedly pictured together, with Swiss tabloids often claiming that they are in a relationship.

One of Blatter’s ex-wives, Graziella Bianca said she was “delighted” he had apparently found a new love.

“I am very happy for him. I don’t know Linda, but I am delighted if he has found a new love.

Life after FIFA
“Who knows, maybe there is life after FIFA. And it’s good for him if he has someone at his side,” she was
quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

In January last year, Linda’s husband, Christian Barras denied stories about his wife’s alleged relationship with the controversial FIFA boss.

At the time, the pair had been legally married for 16 years, after tying the knot in 1998. She is also the mother of their two children.

“I know nothing about this. I’m still married to Linda. She is a friend of the niece of Sepp (Blatter),” Christian said then.

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