FIFA sponsors mocked over Qatar's 2022 World Cup bid

May 29, 2015, 07:59 IST | AFP

Art People Gallery, a platform for artists, recently urged Facebook users to make anti-logos of brands that financially support FIFA to "urge them to withdraw from the 2022 World Cup," which has been riddled with claims of bribery and deadly employment conditions for workers. A look at some morphed logos depicting the employment problem...

The German sportswear giant is FIFA's oldest sponsor, having been a partner since 1970. Their current deal runs until 2030 and is reported to be worth up to £95million over a four-year period.


The soft drinks manufacturer has a 16-year deal which runs till 2022. It is reported to be worth an £75million over a four-year period.


The South Korean car manufacturer is FIFA's only Asian partner for the 2018 World Cup. Its deal, extended in 2010, runs until 2022 and its reported to be worth £182million.


The fast food giant has been a sponsor since 1994.

FIFA's Other big sponsors
The digital payments network became a top-tier sponsor in 2007 and extended its partnership until 2022. It is the only sponsor so far to openly threaten to end its sponsorship over the latest allegations.

The Russian state-owned gas company has a four-year deal with FIFA, including the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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