FIFA World Cup: Argentina vs Belgium: The alternate preview

Jul 05, 2014, 03:57 IST | AFP

As the two teams clash tonight, we present a handy guide to the quarter-final clash

Just how good are they?
Argentina: The Albiceleste, as they are known among the Argentine supporters, were the first nation to qualify for the World Cup from among the South American countries. Apart from that, they are the only team to win in the difficult Colombian conditions in the World Cup qualifiers.

Belgium: Even Captain America could not prevent them from beating USA.

Most likely to...
Argentina: Have Lionel Messi score a sensational goal after the 80th minute.

Belgium: Play boring football until the 80th minute before a substitute scores.

Any good player?
Lionel MessiArgentina: Lionel Messi. He's scored four out of the six goals Argentina have scored in the World Cup finals.

Eden HazardBelgium:
Eden Hazard, the player named by Chelsea's Jose Mourinho as the best young player in the world.

Why you should root for them

Argentina: Because Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest footballer of this generation, deserves to lift the World Cup trophy. He's also in the form of his life for Argentina, having taken the South Americans into the quarter-finals singlehandedly.

Belgium: Because of this fan. Named Axelle Despiegelaere, she's become an Internet sensation and is nicknamed 'Miss Belgium'. We don't disagree!

Why you shouldn't root for them

Rodrigo PalacioArgentina: The ugly sight that is striker Rodrigo Palacio's off centre rat-tail hairstyle.

Marouane FellainiBelgium:
The ugly sight offered by Man United midfielder Marouane Fellaini's hairstyle.

Offside: a non-football fact
Argentina:The national sport of Argentina is Pato, a game played on horseback, combining elements of polo and basketball.

Belgium: The town of Berlotte in Belgium houses a carrot museum. The 'museum' is maintained by a carrot club that admits only men.

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