FIFA World Cup: Argentina vs Germany: The Alternate Preview to the World Cup final

Jul 13, 2014, 02:05 IST | Agencies

As the two titans of World Football collide at the Maracana in the 2014 World Cup final, we present a handy guide to the clash.

Just how good are they?
Germany: They took it easy on Brazil in the second half of their semi-final and still scored two goals!
Argentina: The Argentines kept the rampaging Dutch at bay easily and outclassed them in the shootout of the semis.

What's at stake tonight?
Miroslav Klose and Rihanna
Miroslav Klose has promised to dump his strict fitness regime to become a 'party animal' if they win tonight.
Argentina: Eliana Guercio, wife of goalkeeper Sergio Romero, has promised Rihanna she can have her husband 'on loan' for a week if they win.

Most likely to…
Thomas Mueller and Diego Maradona
Botch up a free-kick which Thomas Mueller will later call intentional.
Argentina: Reduce Diego Maradona to tears — by winning or losing.

They can win if...
Germany: Javier Mascherano fails to turn up, thanks to that torn anus in the semi-final.
Argentina: Sabella employs an unusual 9-0-1 (or as they call it '9-0-Messi') formation.

Germany: Psychological advantage.
Argentina: Sabella employs an unusual 9-0-1 (or as they call it '9-0-Messi') formation.

Last time they won the world cup...
Germany (1990): Goalkeepers could still collect back-passes with their hands.
Argentina (1986): Superstar Lionel Messi wasn't even born.

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