FIFA World Cup: Key battles in Brazil vs Colombia QF clash

Jul 04, 2014, 08:39 IST | A correspondent

As the South American giants Brazil and Colombia clash tonight, we present a handy guide to the FIFA World Cup 2014 quarter-final clash

Just how good are they?
Brazil: They are so good that economists from Goldman Sachs and magazines like The Economist have predicted them to lift the World Cup trophy based on some serious number crunching.

Colombia: Their first choice striker, Radamel Falcao, is out due to a knee injury. Nevertheless, they have scored 11 goals in four World Cup matches, second only to the Netherlands.

Brazilian women

Most likely to...
Brazil: Pass the ball to Neymar when in trouble.

Colombia: Break into a coordinated dance routine after scoring.

Sofia Vergara
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Any good player?
Brazil: Neymar. The Barcelona star reportedly snubbed an offer from Real Madrid at the age of 13. He later rejected a Chelsea bid too before joining Barca.

Colombia: James Rodriguez. the 22-year-old is so good that Monaco splurged a whopping £38.5 million to buy him in 2013. He’s also currently on top of the golden boot list.


Why you should root for them
Brazil: Scores of seriously hot Brazilian women flock to the stadium and the Copacabana Beach every time the hosts play. If Brazil are eliminated, the women would vanish too. Now why would you want that?

Colombia: Forget the hot Brazilian fans. Shakira and Sofia Vergara are supporting Colombia by posting regular tweets and selfies on social networking sites. You don’t want them to stop posting that, do you?

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Why you shouldn't root for them
Brazil: Fred’s sorry excuse for a moustache, which Wikipedia temporarily branded a “ravishing 1970’s pornstar moustache”. The longer Brazil stay in the World Cup, the longer it’s on display.

Colombia: Every time Colombia win, someone in the South American country dies after being hit by stray bullets fired in celebratory gunfire. The win over Uruguay resulted in eight deaths and 3000 violent incidents in the country, leading to authorities to taking extraordinary measures to curb violence.

Offside: a non-football fact
Brazil: Same sex marriages have been legalised in Brazil.

Colombia: Colombia is the world’s largest cocaine producer.

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