FIFA World Cup: Netherlands vs Costa Rica: The alternate preview

Jul 05, 2014, 03:29 IST | AFP

As the two teams clash tonight, we present a handy guide to the quarter-final clash

Just how good are they?
Netherlands: They put five goals past defending champs Spain in their opening encounter, besides beating in-form Mexico and Chile.

Costa Rica: They topped a group containing England, Italy and Uruguay — all of whom have won the World Cup at least once.

Most likely to...
Netherlands: Score a goal after Arjen Robben’s acting skills win them a penalty.

Costa Rica: Have many, or all, of their players dope tested after the game.

Any good player?
Robin van PersieNetherlands: Striker Robin van Persie. The Netherlands captain’s headed goal against defending champions Spain is testament to how talented he is. He has also scored two other goals in the tournament so far.

Keylor NavasCosta Rica:
Keylor Navas. Before the World Cup, the shotstopper trained with tennis ace Pablo Andujar. Andujar’s job was to smack tennis balls at the goal from 20 metres at 160kmph, many of which Navas saved.

Why you should root for them
Netherlands: Winger Arjen Robben’s knack for skipping past even great defenders effortlessly.

Costa Rica: They are the biggest underdog story of the 2014 World Cup. Everyone loves underdogs.

Why you shouldn't root for them
NetherLands: Because Robben’s diving ways made a Mexico fan this sad:

Costa Rica:
Their plain, boredom-inducing jerseys. That’s the best we can do!

Offside: a non-football fact
NetherLands: Their national anthem Wilhelmus, written between 1568 and 1572, is the oldest national anthem.

Costa Rica: The Central American nation does not have an army. It has not endured a civil war since 1948.

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