FIFA World Cup special: Who will lift the style cup?

Jun 27, 2014, 08:45 IST | Dhara Vora

They have been rocking FIFA World Cup 2014 with their footie skills but nations like France and Brazil are also grabbing eyeballs with their stylish kits

Sougat PaulSougat Paul
The colour combinations that teams have experimented with are outstanding this year.

Most of the teams have incorporated or contrasted bright colours, be it on the jersey or a contrasting colour on the shoes.

I personally liked Portugal’s jersey, and Iran’s red jersey with the cheetah printed on it.

Karem Benzema
Karem Benzema sports a trendy jersey in France’s game against Switzerland

Brazil’s blue and yellow combination is always good, and I favour Germany because of their all white look.

Dhruv KapurDhruv Kapur
I think the all-black away jersey of Spain looked really good.

The team I really liked was France with their horizontal stripes and the buttoned crew neck collar.

Brazil’s Neymar and Dani Alves celebrate after scoring a goal.
Brazil’s Neymar and Dani Alves celebrate after scoring a goal. Pics/AFP

Sanjay HinguSanjay Hingu
The host nation Brazil has the most vibrant colours, Italy had the best dressed up team in my opinion and guys like Balotelli have started a new trend by endorsing the two-coloured shoes.

Not everyone can carry and pull off such a style.

Football is a game of style, energy and trends; many trends get created and followed in this time.

The Netherlands
The Netherlands wear their trademark orange that drew applause in the style department too. Pic/AFP

Ashdeen LilaowalaAshdeen Lilaowala
I think the most striking fashion moment this World Cup was when the Italian team landed at the airport.

All the team players wearing sharp Dolce & Gabbana suits standing in a line was a sight no other team could compare with.

As far as jerseys go, I like Argentina’s play with the blue and white stripes.

Argentina and Iran
Argentina and Iran’s sporting kits for FIFA World Cup 2014 came in for praise. Pic/AFP

Kunal RawalKunal Rawal
The idea of picking the best jersey keeps going up and down based on the teams I am supporting.

But I feel nothing can beat the orange jersey of The Netherlands, the colour is such that it has become iconic.

Also Cameroon has done a great job with the African inspired print all over the jersey.

Also, the colours red, yellow and green make for a good combination and are also the colours for my next collection. Brazil I think would be the all time favourite.

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