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May 13, 2012, 10:40 IST | Saaniya Zaveri

Sculptor Basudeb Biswas and painter Subroto Mandal display their figurines and paintings at Rejuvenation 2012 at Jehangir Art Gallery

Sculptor Basudeb Biswas and painter Subroto Mandal’s works will be exhibited at the Rejuvenation 2012 exhibition. While Biswas celebrates the female form with his latest series of sculptures, Mandal’s art is inspired by Shekhawati wall paintings and Kalighata Patachitra. Over 50 works of Biswas and over 25 paintings by Mandal will be on display at the exhibition.The Femina series comprises 26 pieces that took four years in the making. The work focuses on the beauty, personality and ornamentation of a woman.

The Mystery series, Biswas’ second collection features 20 works of art. Unlike the first, this set of sculptures shies away from the mere physical beauty of women and looks more at capturing her transient and ephemeral splendour. His work aims to pay tribute to nature and life, as he explores the feminine role as a daughter, a wife, a mother and a woman.

Biswas uses bronze metal for his work. “Stone would make these figures feel too heavy. Bronze gives adelicate feel to my sculptures. Along with the sculptures, two life-size portraits will also be on display,” says Biswas. His sculptures are characterised by serene and peaceful faces, delicately curved waists and hips, elongated arms and legs and pointed feet. They bear much resemblance to the ancient works of the Mohenjadaro and Harappan civilisations.

Apart from these two series, Basu will also display two life-size portraits at the exhibition. Mandal’s collection will exhibit 25 works, which is a collection of
mix-media works on vasli — handmade paper. He combines Rajasthan’s largest concentraion of frescos with the Babu culture depicted in Kalighatpatas. They speak of inner visions of social order and tell a story of love, hate and life.

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