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May 27, 2012, 09:31 IST | Saaniya Zaveri

Shunya by seven young artistes at the Clark House showcases an incomplete Plaster of Paris elephant and a handmade charkha, among other works

They met at the Clark House last year, while assisting exhibitions. This week, 24 year-old Nikhil Raunak, 27 year-old Sachin Bonde, 25 year-old Amol Patil, 23 year-olds Poonam Jain and Yogesh Barve, 28 year-old Rupali Patil and 27 year-old Prabhakar Pachpute have come together as Shunya, which means void. And, they want to discuss their works with an audience. So make your way to Clark House and participate in the seven discussions that invite your response.

The Giant by Prabhakar Pachpute highlights the struggle of coal miners

The Giant is an out-of-the-box concept — an incomplete Plaster Of Paris elephant, whose shadow is projected on a pristine white wall. Pachpute has completed the image using charcoal pencils on the wall — little people building the giant animal. “The image is a metaphor that depicts the struggle of miners. I grew up in a village in Chandrapur district and have seen the villagers, including my father, work in coal mines. This piece depicts the giant energy they need to use,” reveals Pachpute.

The Tribute by Sachin Bonde is a handmade nine-foot charkha with the face prints of influential people on it. pics courtesy/ Clark House

A favourite is The Tribute. Bonde, a student of JJ School of Art, has created a nine-foot long wooden charkha, with the face prints of influential people such as Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Subhash Chandra Bose on it. “The charkha has about 16 spokes and took me over 15 days to finish. I have always been interested in history heritage art and that explains the source of the idea,” says Bonde. Other interesting pieces include The Molt by Amol Patil — a vest made of mehendi and adhesive and Silent Disorder by Jain, which is a room full of daily objects such as scissors, pillows, and sperms made out of rexin and cotton. The items have been strung across the room.

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