Film on Jiah Khan?

Jun 19, 2013, 18:53 IST | Shiva Devnath

Filmmaker Rikshhit Matta's upcoming film 'Bold Bollywood' is reportedly inspired by the life and tragic death of the B-Town actress.

Actress Jiah Khan’s tragic and untimely death left Bollywood in a state of shock. But tragedy seems to have also inspired some in B-Town to make a film on the incident.

Filmmaker Rikshhit Matta has reportedly been inspired by the media reports surrounding Jiah's tragic death and lost love has inspired him to launch 'Bold Bollywood' a story about the underbelly of the film fraternity.

The film is based on three aspiring actresses who come to Mumbai to make their Bollywood dreams come true.

One of the girl’s character is similar to Jiah Khan and the ups and down she goes through reflects the late actress’s life.

Film on Jiah Khan
Poster of the film.

Though, Matta took four months researching various characters in Bollywood, he reveals that he stumbled upon Jiah during a party at a nightclub five months ago and briefly discussed the concept with the late actress and assured her that he would get back to her after the script was finalised.

"Jiah was full of joy and had shown interest in the subject but when she heard that one of characters in the film has a tragic end, she said it was too depressing. I am deeply aghast how can Jiah do the same with her life," says Matta.

"This film will definitely be a tribute to those aspiring actresses who have gone through this agony," Matta added.

Speaking about the cast, Matta said that he wants to use relatively unknown and new faces so that the viewers can relate better with the characters.

The film will be produced by Shabana Hashmi under the banner of Zahara Productions. 

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