Film society's nod to Kurosawa

Apr 14, 2012, 06:32 IST | The Guide Team

Here's what to expect at Sensei, a festival of four films by the acclaimed Japanese director

Akira Kurosawa is considered one of the most influential filmmakers in the history of film. In a career spanning 57 years, he directed 30 films, including the most expensive Japanese film to be ever made at the time, Ran. The Taj Enlighten Film Society is hosting four films by the late Japanese filmmaker.
From: Sunday
Till: April 29
Call :9870090105
Passes available at venues

Still from Throne of Blood, Kurosawa’s take on the Shakes-pearean tragedy, Macbeth

Throne of Blood (1957); 110 min 
Throne of Blood is Kurosawa’s take on the Shakespearean tragedy Macbeth. In this film, the director explores the idea of the corrupting influence of ambition within the Japanese context. Fuelled by his wife Asaji’s words, Samurai commander Washizu murders his master, Lord Tsuzuki, in the attempt to fulfill his ambition. Kurosawa addresses the question of whether man is free to control his actions or doomed to a pre-destined end.
On: Sunday, April 15
At:Globus Cinema, Bandra (W), 12 pm

Yojimbo (1961); 110 min
Ranked 95 in British film magazine Empire’s 500 Greatest Films of All Time, Yojimbo is the story of a ronin or a masterless samurai. He wins the trust of two rival crime lords, convincing them to hire him as their ‘bodyguard’ (‘yojimbo’ translates to ‘bodyguard’). Kurosawa has mentioned that he claimed inspiration for the plot from the 1942 film noir classic, The Glass Key about a crafty politician.
On: Sunday, April 22
At: Globus Cinema, Bandra (W),  12 pm

Ran (1985); 162 min
Kurosawa’s last epic, Ran, is Japanese for ‘uprising’ or ‘revolt’. The film is the story of an ageing father and his betrayal by his three sons: Taro, Jiro, and Saburo. The pursuit of power forms the central theme. Among the influences of the film is Shakespeare’s King Lear.
On: Thursday, April 26
At: Little Theatre, NCPA, Nariman Point; 6.30 pm

Dersu Uzala (1975); 144 min
The film is about an extraordinary friendship between an explorer sent by the Russian army into the Siberian wilderness and a local hunter named Dersu Uzala. This film won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1975. 
On: Sunday, April 29
At: Little Theatre, NCPA, Nariman Point; 12 pm 

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