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May 22, 2013, 06:44 IST | Shakti Shetty

Just as we are about to begin this interview, a couple of fans interrupt Prithviraj to click some pictures with him.

The actor gets up and obliges them. On returning to the table, he quips, "I should be worried if that doesn't happen often!" The soft-spoken actor with no airs about his South superstardom comes across as a thorough gentleman. On a visit to Mumbai for his latest Hindi film, the 30-year-old shares his thoughts about life and films with CS:

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Starting afresh
I love the unpredictability surrounding my career in Bollywood. I don't have to carry the baggage of stardom that I enjoy down South. It's a challenge to start from scratch and I'm up for it. Although I have a successful production and distribution unit in Kerala, producing films in Bollywood is not something I am looking forward to. I'm not saying it's tougher here, just that I'd rather stick to acting and compete on even grounds. That’s about it.

Cherishing a legacy
My father (Sukumaran) did 504 films and not just that, he was an English professor with degrees in political science and mathematics. So, I don't think there has ever been such an academician who had such a successful film career – not only in Kerala but across India. I'm very proud of my surname although most of the time only my name shows up on the credit roll. In fact, I believe that I got my first film only because of my surname. What happened next were my trials and tribulations though.

Filmi family
Except my wife, Supriya almost everyone in my family has something or the other to do with cinema. So whenever we meet, we make it a point not to discuss films and focus on other aspects of life. We spend our time like any normal family would, talking about life in general.

On the mic
Even though I've sung for a few Malayalam films, I won't go ahead and call myself a singer. I did those songs because the music directors were my friends and cajoled me into singing for them. In my defense, I can sing but I'm not at all passionate about singing, especially when I know there are singers who can do a fantabulous job at it!

Body baat
My fitness depends on the films I do. I call it an actor's fitness. The character I play defines the way I look like on the screen. Looking like the character is very important to me. I can't appear the same way I did in Aiyyaa in every single film I'm part of. Fortunately, I'm blessed with a good physique and a body that easily adapts to requirements. 

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