Films are a part of my life, not my life: Yaami Gautam

Apr 07, 2013, 09:39 IST | Itee Sharma

Yaami Gautam on her debut movie Vicky Donor winning the National Award, her future projects and how her family keeps her grounded

Vicky Donor has won the National Award for Best Film in wholesome entertainment. How do you explain a movie based on sperm donation winning a National Award?
The success of Vicky Donor reflects our social progress. It wasn’t considered sleazy. Director Shoojit Sircar did a wonderful job in his treatment of a delicate subject. We, as actors, knew his aim to make the film was pure. It’s especially amazing the way childless couples have responded to the film. 

While both Ayushmann and you were appreciated, he has bagged more awards.
It’s unfair to compare Ayushmann and me. I am very happy that Ayushmann has got his due but I also have got due recognition. I am not very active on social networking sites but the genuine compliments I have received for my work spell success for me.

Is the competition amongst debutante actresses intense?
Last year, there were a large number of debutantes. Winning awards or for that matter even a nomination, has been a big deal. I don’t have a film background. I consider myself really lucky to have made a space for myself.

Vicky Donor producer John Abraham is shooting with Shoojit Sircar for their next, Madras Café, with another heroine, Nargis Fakhri. Why weren’t you considered for that film?
I was never approached for Madras Café. I think the casting is apt.

Like Ayushmann, your Aman Ki Asha co-star, Ali Zafar, too is a singer-actor. What is it with actor-singers and you?
(Laughs) I have watched Ali in Coke Studio Pakistan. He is as fabulous an actor as a singer.

Would you want to try your hand at singing?
I can sing, if I get a chance. But it’s not the right time now.

Aman Ki Asha is a remake of a Spanish love story. Did you watch that film, before shooting?
Yes, and I loved it. The film is not a love saga, it is relevant to our times and is in the rom-com space.

You have acted in a Kannada film Ullasa Utsaha before Vicky Donor. Were you contemplating a career there?
I am still doing regional films. One of my upcoming movies is a bilingual. Language can’t be a barrier to creativity.

Several TV actors try to make a career in films but fail, what is the mantra of making it big in Bollywood?
My mantra is that I never tried. There was a little bit of planning, and I wouldn’t hesitate to say luck also played its role. But I was never desperate.

From being a TV actor to Bollywood actor what has changed for you?
The level of recognition has changed. I have to work harder and am busier. The expectation and competition is more. But amid all this, you need to remain true to yourself.

Would you say your life is peaceful?
I am largely at peace and the credit goes to my family and very close friends. When I have a problem, I know my family and friends are there for me. I don’t discuss work at home. Films are a part of my life, not my life.

You have a very unique name. What does it mean?
It is derived from Yamraj’s sister, Yaami. And it also means Antar Yaami — the one who knows everything.

Which onscreen character is the closest to the real Yaami Gautam?
I relate to Anne Hathaway’s character in Devil Wears Prada — I am neither very glamourous nor dressy; I am simple.

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