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Jun 14, 2014, 09:17 IST | The Guide Team

Sign up for Photowalk Mumbai’s latest session at Haji Ali to learn a few tips on street photography 

Photowalk is a street photography event, which takes place on the first and third Sunday of the month. It is organised by the Facebook group Photowalk Mumbai and seeks photography enthusiasts from all over the city and even travellers. It is an initiative by commercial photographer Sanket Khuntale and hobby photographer Silver Stalin.

Haji Ali at sundown. File Pic

Photowalks have gained ground with people joining the group and inviting their friends as well. The location, timing and meeting point is decided five days before the walk. Their fifth walk, this weekend, will head to Haji Ali, which was chosen after a public vote among the group members.

Khuntale shares, “We meet, decide the route and walk together clicking pictures. There is no money involved in this. This is a friendly walk where people learn from each other’s work, exchange knowledge, make friends and shoot in groups, so it remains safer than going to random places alone. People join with their own interests, and the average number of people for each walk is around 40-50.”

A photowalk near Asiatic Library 

During the walk, Khuntale and Stalin give people a few tips about how to shoot streets including how to avoid shooting beggars, requesting for permission while shooting women, and avoid shooting from the same angle as your fellow mate, and so on.

On: June 15, 4 pm onwards
Meeting point: Haji Ali Juice Centre. Call: 9890009523

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