Finding Indian voices for 25 years

Jan 03, 2016, 07:25 IST | Team SMD

It’s not about survival, but about being original, says Lilette Dubey as her Primetime Theatre Co. completes 25 years

"MY aim when I started the company was to find the Indian voice, be it Marathi or Gujarati," says Lilette Dubey as her theatre company, Primetime Theatre Co., enters its 25 year this year.

The company, which is known for its productions such as Aadhe Adhure, Dance Like a Man and Where Did I Leave My Purdah, is known for pushing the envelope.

"We have tackled issues like sexual abuse or Gandhi’s out-of-the-box thinking, or even done plays about two Bharatnatyam dancers talking about their craft — these are not popular themes," she says, adding, "It’s not just about survival but about doing what you want, and combining it what people would appreciate.

It’s about 90 per cent of our work being original." Next on Primetime’s agenda is planning new shows, and reviving a few old ones. "I am doing a play called Death and the Maiden, and also reviving a play called Jaya, which is a rock opera about the Mahabharat."

When: Jan 15 to Feb 21
Where: NCPA and Prithvi Theatre
Call: 66223724

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