Finnish Jazz band debuts in Pune

Apr 18, 2014, 21:18 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The Blassics, a Finnish Jazz band that loves exploring audiences and music from diverse places will be peforming in the city and the country today

Get ready for an evening full of Classic and Contemporary Jazz. A seven-piece, Finland-based Jazz band The Blassics is performing in the city for the very first time bringing some hardcore Jazz music along.

The Band professes its love for different  music cultures
The Band professes its love for different music cultures 

The band comprises Hanna Lotti (flute), Mikko Veijonen (saxophone), Juha Sarkola (guitar/keys), Ville-Pekka Järvinen (bass), Jukka Teerisaari (percussion), Joona Venäläinen (drums) and Turre
Tammi (trumpet).

Below are the excerpts with Tammi on the band's latest outing and debut performance in India.

Q. How was The Blassics formed?
A. The band was formed in 2007 in Finland. Juha Sarkola, the guitarist of our band decided to team up with the musicians who share similar musical interests. So, I started to compose with Juha and then other band members joined us. We are a nice blend of musicians who love to jam together.

Q. What are you looking forward to in India?
A. Oh...I have heard many interesting things about India. Right from the food to its music and culture! Our whole band is fond of Indian food. So we are going to indulge while we stay here. A few months back, when our band was performing in South Finland; we thought about performing in a country where the music culture is different than ours but still has a wide range. We have friends in India who share same passion as ours in music. They arranged this trip for us. We all are looking forward to this gig.

Q. What can the audiences expect?
A. We will be singing some of our songs from our first album and some new material that we have composed recently.

Q. Jazz music has a wide variety. What do you enjoy playing more?
A. We do a lot of 1960s and '70s stuff. We also are into Funk music. We look for inspirations in musicians like James Brown and other contemporary artistes. Instrumental rhythmic music is something all seven of us enjoy equally. Lately, we have been checking compositions by some African artistes; they have this different kind of rhythm, melody and harmony in their tunes. Lets see if we could do something on that front in the future.

Q. In the times when dance and Electronic music is more popular; how do you find audience receiving 'arty' Jazz music?
A. I think Jazz music still has a loyal audience. It all depends on the people; if they can find some interesting elements in Jazz, they start enjoying it. The performance venue decides your audience many a times. However once, I found it encouraging when we were performing at this place in Finland and the average age group of the audience was around 28!

On Today, 8 pm
At Doolally's 1st Brewhouse, Corinthians Club, Undri.
Call 26952226

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