Firefighters work for hours to rescue puppy from manhole in Oshiwara

Jun 05, 2014, 16:12 IST | Shiva Devnath

The canine had been stuck in the gutter for over three days, until a TV producer heard its cries and decided to save it — the firefighters were the only ones to help him

A 40-year-old producer of a television crime series emerged as the saviour of a three-week-old puppy which had been stuck inside a manhole for three days in Oshiwara.

Puppy rescued by firefighters in Oshiwara

The puppy fell into a gutter at Indra Darshan Cross Road, where it got stuck. It had been barking and whimpering since Thursday, but no one stopped to rescue the animal.

The manhole under which the puppy was trapped for three days

Finally, producer Anirban Bhattacharya, owner of a production house, rang up the fire brigade and saved the puppy.

Puppy rescued by firefighters in Oshiwara
The firefighters from Goregaon arrived on Sunday morning to rescue the animal

“On Saturday, I heard a dog barking from under the gutter. A passer-by who was walking his own dog told me that a dog had been stuck in the gutter for the last two days. I called up various animal rescue organisations, but they didn’t take any action, because it was late in the night. The volunteers said they would not be able to make it that night.

Puppy rescued by firefighters in Oshiwara
One of the firefighters was seen leaning far into the manhole to try and get the puppy out

The next morning, I checked on the dog. His bark had become very weak by then. I called up the Goregaon fire department, which dispatched a team to the spot in 15 minutes, and sprang into action to rescue the puppy.”

Puppy rescued by firefighters in Oshiwara
The rescue operation lasted for almost two hours, but was successful; the firefighters fed the starving puppy

He added, “It took the firefighters almost two hours of backbreaking work to rescue the puppy. I rang up around 17 to 18 numbers, including animal organisations, but in the end I got help only from the Goregaon fire department.” The puppy is now at Bhattacharya’s residence. “I am taking care of it,” Bhattacharya beamed.

Puppy rescued by firefighters in Oshiwara
The team of six firefighters fawned over the puppy and posed with it. The animal is now in the care of Anirban Bhattacharya, the TV producer who heard its whimpers and arranged for its rescue

An officer from the Goregaon fire department said, “A puppy was stuck inside the gutter from Thursday to Saturday. We reached on Sunday morning, and a team of around six fire fighters rescued the animal.”

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