Fish for compliments

Sep 07, 2012, 10:43 IST | Tanveer Bookwala

Twisted Fish, Khar's new Indian restaurant, is an inviting option, particularly for its coastal fare. Along with its competent North Indian menu, it's sure to please the desi foodie

Tucked away in a squalid little by-lane in Khar, Twisted Fish sounds a little, well, fishy and twisted. But when you are greeted with the impressive neon lit Unicontinental façade, you are tempted to rest your fears of being mugged in the alley and step right in. Honestly, the ambience is a tad perplexing. There is the old school style wallpapered ceilings, sofas that look like they’ve been modified from a 1980’s film set of opulent houses, with some upholstered deadly drapery. Add to this, Retro English music and arty posters that don’t go against the desi designed walls.

Twisted Fish

Two Mumbai-bred Mangalorean brothers run Twisted Fish and the menu card comes inside a lovely case that’s almost too exhaustive for it’s own good. The menu features dishes from the North, to coastal fare from the South. But ambience be forgotten, the make or break for any restaurant, no matter how fancy is the quality of the food — and Twisted Fish delivers. Sadly, the waiter had to double-check every query we had, including what some items on the menu meant. We began with the Butter Garlic Prawns (Rs 400). Lightly spiced and bathed in lime, minced garlic and black pepper powder, the crisp, juicy prawns were delicious to the last bite.

Next, the Cheese Corn Tikki (Rs 190) was a succulent combination of cheese, potato and capsicum with sweet corn kernels thrown in. The accompanying green chutney took it higher. Vegetarians will love it. For the Fish Tikka (Rs 300), we chose rawas, which had tender, melt-in-your-mouth fillets marinated with spices and yoghurt and char-grilled in the oven. While one would’ve preferred a traditional serving, with skewers, the lack of packaging didn’t deter the fabulous flavours it offered. For added zing, we sprinkled chaat masala.

The Meen Gassi was simmered authentically, in a tamarind paste and coconut milk

For the mains, the Meen Gassi (Rs 240), which had a delectable pomfret, came stir-fried in a coconut and masala paste, and was nicely simmered in a tamarind paste and coconut milk. Warning: this is a very coconut-ey dish. The Kandhari Rogan Josh (Rs 290) is a delicacy from Kashmir that derives its name from red Kashmiri chillies and literally means red lamb. The portions were plentiful and the meat was extremely tender. But from what one expects, with this traditional Kashmiri preparation, one should end up with a fiery dish; this had more bark than bite. The accompanying Neer Dosa (Rs 30) was scrumptious.

The Long Island Ice Tea (Rs 400) was a heady mix of vodka, gin, tequila, and rum. No skimping there. Strong, potent and delicious. For non-alcoholics, the Peach Fantasy (Rs 200) and the Fruit Punch (Rs 200) worked wonders. The former is a virgin mojito flavoured with peach, while the fruit punch is a deliciously mixed mocktail that is sweet with a generous mix of orange juice concentrate, lemonade, pineapple juice, and ginger ale.

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