Fitness expert Deanne Pandey attacked by a woman in Bandra

May 22, 2013, 08:41 IST | Shaheen Parkar

B-Town's celebrity fitness expert Deanne Pandey, who has trained several leading stars to be fit and agile, found herself at the receiving end of an attack recently

Considered to be Bipasha Basu’s closest friend, Deanne was taken unawares when a woman sprung up on her in one of Bandra’s bylanes and hit her on her arms. In the melee that ensued, the fitness expert had bruises and cuts on her arms.

Deanne Pandey with her best buddy Bipasha Basu
Deanne Pandey with her best buddy Bipasha Basu

Says a source, “The incident occurred on Sunday evening when Deanne was on her way to her mother’s house at Somnath Lane in Bandra. A lady apparently, from the neighbourhood, took on her for no reason. Deanne was taken aback as it was totally uncalled for. There had been no provocation and Deanne was in a state of shock after the attack.”

Adds the source, “Deanne was on way to meet her mother when this woman just came in her way. She was carrying a knife which resulted in Dianne getting cuts on her arms. A case was registered at the Bandra police station.

Deanne says, “I don’t have much to say that hasn’t been said to the police already so I would prefer not to go into too many details.

Yes, I was attacked on Sunday by a woman with a knife at my mother’s building. I sustained defensive injuries to my arms and hand, but I am alright now and waiting for the law to take its course.” 

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