Five yoga tips for sound sleep

Mar 11, 2014, 08:35 IST | The Guide Team

March 14 is World Sleep Day, and to help you sleep better, yoga expert Shameem Akthar shares a few asanas

Tip 1
Do the Trataka (eye exercise): The practice requires you to concentrate your gaze on a single point such as a black dot or a candle flame. “It helps improve your eyesight, as well as  keep all the bad things off your mind, and achieve concentration,” says Shameem Akthar.

Tip 2
Anulom and Vilom (alternate nostril breathing): This asana  requires you to breathe using alternate nostrils. Keep the left nostril closed using your thumb while breathing from the right, and vice versa. “It helps calm your mind and get instant relief from stress,” she adds.

Tip 3
“Never go for a brisk walk or take part in any stimulating asanas like salutation,” says Akthar, adding, “Most people don’t realise that asanas like salutations stimulate the mind, and thus obstruct in sleeping. Hence, if you want a good sleep, stop this at the soonest.”

Tip 4
Try deep breathing like Apana Asana: This downward flowing prana exercise helps in clearing your mind.

Tip 5
Perform Forward Bend asanas: “All yoga asanas that require forward bends usually help calm the mind by allowing the blood to reach the brain, which, in turn, helps you sleep,” says Akthar.

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