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Published: 25 December, 2012 10:50 IST | Dhara Vora |

With the 1.30 am party deadline and last-minute assignments to juggle around, no one has the time to spend in front of the mirror. Here's your guide to look your best in a few minutes throughout the party season, minus the hangover

Bad hair days
“The easiest way is to pull up your hair in a pony tail. But to change the routine, change your parting and put on a sleek hairband or hair accessory or pull your pony on the side,” says Virginia Holmes, make up expert and co-owner of make up academy Fat Mu. And, if you wish to cheat, just wash and blow dry the top section of your hair and twirl or scrunch the rest of your hair using product. For men, “Don’t over use any product, as your hair should look effortless. Play with your lengths and add texture,” she says. Holmes cites the blown away look of Harry Styles from boy band One Direction, as a hit with young guys that looks naturally unkempt with varied lengths and texture. With older men, the side and back-cropped hair with length in the centre, works.

David Beckham sports the side-cropped look

Chipped nails
Found time to shape your nails and rush to work, but they broke while getting into a crowded train? “Don’t let one nail be short and the rest, filed. Clip them and use dark, muted shades such as greys or dark reds and browns,” says . “Several models who visit our salon have clipped nails and go for strong colours like wine and burgundy,” says Teresa Chen, owner of Glory Salons in Bandra.Chen tells us the several women opt for glitter manicure this season along with bright colours. If you have un-bitten nails, go for express manicures that several salons offer. It takes barely 20 minutes for the entire treatment. If you plan your day in advance, get gel or acrylic nails that last for a month without any hassle. “We avoid giving metallic foil manicures as it tends to chip and come off quickly,” says Chen.

Vibrant skin
Post the age of 40; crow’s feet or lines around the eyes are one of the most common problems faced by men and women. While Botox might be the answer for some of our celebrities and many others, taking care of your skin right when you hit 20 is what can delay aging believes Cosmetologist, Dr Jaishree Manchanda. “Lack of oil in your skin and water in your diet is what leads to skin problems. Simple use of malai (fresh cream) on your face everyday can help you avoid dry skin. Also, one sitting with a skin expert will help you choose the right product from the market for your skin type so you can remain tension free,” she adds. Skin serums, sold by most major brands can be very effective, she reiterates.

Each serving of alcohol contains between 150 and 250 Kcal. Consume water with whiskey instead of soda or cola, and fresh fruit juice instead of the canned variety. “To avoid a hangover, take care from the previous night. Eat before you drink; drinking on an empty stomach leads to acid reflux, leading to puking,” says Anjali Peswani, nutritionist and food consultant. On the day of the hangover, shower, instead of being holed up in bed as it leads to release of toxins and relaxation. Avoid lemon water, which eases nausea but not the headache, eat foods rich in complex carbohydrates like whole wheat toast, oats or rotis. These help release sugar, slowly, and energises your brain thus reducing the headache.

Quick-fix make up tips
The key to looking like a million bucks without much effort is adding pop to any one area of your face.

Opt for a rosy-cheeked look using powder blushes or cream blushes that fit in your clutch. Several cream options can also be used as lipsticks at the last moment before you enter the party. One can also sculpt the face in a hurry by highlighting the brow bones and the bridge of your nose.
> Several stores stock individual lashes, and adding one or two at the outer edge of the eyes can open them up.
> To get an instant makeover, get a fringe extension and change your entire look.

Katy Perry’s dark lips make a bold statement

While red will never go out of fashion, like nails, dark lips too, are a key trend. “Think dark berry lips, every cosmetic brand has those shades on offer, it also goes with the Christmas spirit! If you go heavy on the eyes with a smoky look, and wish to go nude with your lips top it off with a glitter gloss,” says Holmes.

“Metallic shades are in trend, so carry any small pigment shadow in your bag and it will add that required amount of edge to your look. As for eyeliner, most Indian women apply it everyday. But if you wish to do the ’60s look with a winged liner, hold a business card at the edge of your eyes and use that to draw equal swishes on both your eyes,” says Holmes.  

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