Flat chested woman begs for boobs on busy street!

Jul 16, 2012, 15:52 IST | ANI

A bikini-clad Ohio woman, who needs 5000 dollars to get a boob job done has staked out a busy street corner in Akron and has been holding up a sign that reads, "Not homeless. Need boobs."

The smiling and svelte — but somewhat flat — Chrissy Lance, who lives in Rittman, told a local TV station that she was inspired by other beggars — and ensured that she got the required panhandling license from the city.

Hatke news, Flat chested woman begs for boobs on busy street!

“I see people panhandling every day, so why not panhandle for boobs,” a major newspaper quoted her as telling the TV station.

“It’s original. I’ve never seen anybody do it,” she said.

The 37-year-old said that the money she makes as a barmaid helps pay the bills, but it’s not enough to pay for implants.

The enhancement, she said, would help improve her "self-esteem.”

So far, single mom and college student, Lance has collected lots of catcalls and wolf whistles — but only about 90 dollars.

Lance said she’s not deterred and won’t leave her corner until she reaches her goal.

“Everyone that knows me, knows that I am a wild one,” she added.

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