Florida man stripped naked, beaten and robbed at gunpoint during first date

Jun 20, 2013, 12:47 IST | Agencies

A man in Florida has reported to the police that he was beaten, robbed, stripped naked and abandoned on the side of a road during a first date in Bunnell.

Shaun Williams was spotted by the police on a state road in Bunnell, covered in blood, and was taken to a local hospital, a report said.

According to FlaglerLive, Williams met a woman in a Daytona Beach convenience store about two weeks ago.

After some conversation, they exchanged phone numbers and decided to meet for their first date.

The woman agreed to pick Williams up from the convenience store where they first met.

The woman, whose real name has not been released, showed up in a dark blue sedan along with two other men, one she called her brother, and the other her brother’s friend.

She told him that she needed to drop them before going on their date.

The girl drove for several minutes before the brother told her to turn into a side street, as he wanted to meet someone.

When Williams came out to take a bathroom break, a hard metal object hit him and he fell on the ground.

The attackers then allegedly pointed a gun and demanded for money and clothes.

The men forced him to hand over his prepaid cell phone, his Florida driver’s license, 200 dollars in cash and all of the clothes he picked out for his first date, FlaglerLive stated.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating the incident. 

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