Flower power

May 17, 2015, 07:35 IST | Ismat Tahseen

It’s the motif du saison. Summer is synonymous with flowers and the floral trend has jumped onto bags, totes and shoes with a vengeance! While international catwalks are sporting everything flowery, actress Lily James recently got the fashion world abuzz with a sheer floral dress at a Cinderella screening at the Berlin Film Festival. Ismat Tahseen does a recce at Colaba Causeway and Bandra’s Hill Road and comes up with affordable, trendy pieces in the fad

Ruffle-cut top, Bandra, R350  

Peach elastic hem top, stall outside Warewell, Bandra, R300

Pouch, clutches, at Dolce Vita, Bandra, starting at R850

Silver Flower studded belt, Bandra,  RS 250

T-shirt, Colaba, R250  

Floral hairbands, Venus Collection, Colaba R50-150

Layered top, Bandra,  R250

Floral motif bag, Colaba, R600  

Short dungaree, Bandra, R400

Jumpsuit, stall opposite Elco, Bandra, R400 

Chain with floral pendant, Colaba, R200

Black floral shirt, Colaba, R250

Bracelets, Colaba, R120 each

Neon hair clips, Bandra, R40 

Geometric-floral top, Colaba, R250

Floral twist scarves, Colaba, R150 each

Cotton T-shirt, Colaba, R200

Chiffon top, Bandra, R250

Semi-formal top, Colaba, R300

Beachwear top, Bandra, R300

Wear your florals right
>> Don't overdo the outfit. If it's a floral shirt, team it with plain skirt or pants, simple jewellery like a metal chain and a simple purse.

>> If you're wearing the trend to work avoid bows and ruffles

>> Long floral dresses work best with slim belts and a neutral jacket

>> Neon florals dont' work anywhere but at the beach or an outdoor brunch

>> Opt for some 'fringing' on your tops or shirt for a lighter vibe 

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