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Oct 05, 2012, 12:01 IST | Shakti Shetty

SS Rajmouli's Eega is being launched in Hindi under the title Makkhi in which a housefly is the true superstar

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No Makkhi has ever been showered with so much attention as this one. It’s a creation of ace filmmaker SS Rajamouli. His Telugu blockbuster Eega, a live action animation film based on the revenge of a super fly will be released nationwide in Hindi as Makkhi on 12th October by Reliance Entertainment.

Makkhi stars Sudeep, Samantha Prabhu and Nani in lead roles. Apart from the film’s Telugu version Eega that released on July 6, the film has also released in Tamil as Naane and in Malayalam as Eecha. It has shattered all previous records and created wonders at the Box-office in India as well as in the USA. Having reached audiences in 1,103 screens across South India, the film’s Hindi release will further augment its reach nationwide. Its three versions have already done a gross business of over ` 130 crore worldwide.

Reliance Entertainment, CEO, Sanjeev Lamba adds, “Eega has become a major success in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam led by the vision of SS Rajamouli and D Suresh Babu. We are extremely pleased to bring this wonderful film to Hindi audiences as Makkhi and hope that it will get the huge success it deserves.”

Launched by Ajay Devgn
This super fly is being launched in Hindi by Bollywood’s daredevil hero Ajay Devgn at a special event that will be held later this evening. Devgn will introduce Rajamouli to the media and they will showcase 15 minute sneak-peak footage from the film. It is said that the visual effects in this live action animation movie is at par with some of the biggest blockbusters to ever come out of Hollywood studios.

Ajay Devgn and Makkhi’s connection- Devgn’s much awaited Son Of Sardar is the official remake of Rajamouli directed Maryada Ramanna. And now, Rajamouli’s live action animation flick Makkhi, which is the Hindi version of Telugu blockbuster of Eega does a take on the daredevil Devgn trademark balancing act on two horses in Son Of Sardar. Makkhi will also be mouthing Devgn’s popular line Aata Majhi Satakli from the movie Singham.

The high-flying plot
Makkhi is the story of Jani and Bindu who are in love but never shared their feelings to each other and continue to enjoy their unexpressed love. Sudeep, a billionaire and a powerful businessman gets attracted to Bindu and wants to own her for his pleasure but he realises that she is in love with Jani. This upsets him a lot. When Bindu goes to express her love to Jani, Sudeep murders him. Jani is reborn as the fly and attempts to fight Sudeep’s proceedings towards to Bindu but his efforts go in vain. The fly convinces Bindu that he is Jani and they team up to take the revenge. Mkkhi is produced by Sai Korrapati and D Suresh Babu.

Rajamouli who?
S S Rajamouli is better known as a blockbuster director. In a span of 12 years, he has directed nine films and out of these, eight have been blockbusters and only one has been declared a superhit. The Hindi audience is already familiar with Rajamouli’s body of work that includes blockbuster Telugu film Vikramarkudu (2006) which has been remade in Hindi as Rowdy Rathore and Maryada Ramanna (2010) which has been remade as Son Of Sardar. His film Magadheera (2009) is also slated to be remade in Hindi.

On the film’s Hindi release: “Films can be divided primarily into two genres—those with innovative ideas and those with raw emotions. The uniqueness of Makkhi is that it has both. The idea is insanely innovative and the base emotion is rawest of all: revenge. The hero avenges his death. But the best part is the film is a laugh riot. I’m naturally excited and a bit tensed too. The Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam versions rocked the four South Indian states. I am hoping the same for northern states too.”

On the novel idea: “Eega was my father’s idea when he was a story writer and I was an assistant back in the 1990s. At that time, it was just an idea and we forgot about it. But later when I started making big-budget films, I was interested in making some small films as well. That’s when the idea struck and I thought of making an experimental film and the work started on it! That’s how Eega was born.”

In the cast

Sudeep: He has won the Black Lady for Best Actor in Kannada for three consecutive years. He is popularly known to be an actor whose main asset is versatility. With his role in Makkhi, he has taken the centerstage by donning a negative role this time.

Samantha Prabh: Having started her career as a model, Samantha Prabhu got into the world of cinema in 2007. Since 2010, with the film Ye Mayachesave her career has seen a fairytale run in the Telugu film industry.

Nani: Naveen aka Nani kickstarted his career as an assistant director before putting his acting skills into the limelight. His work inthe film has been appreciated by critics.  

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